Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Grox and Firkin.

So, I think I've finished the frontier colony settlement I've been working on.  Its not perfect but it will do. Its got all the features you'd expect of a town on the frontiers of the 41st millennium- a hairdressers, a Games Workshop, a pub- the fore mentioned Grox and Firkin, some light industrial facilities for processing fuel or something, a police station and a couple of houses.  The industrial vehicle is crude but serviceable.  The buildings are all heavily weathered/stained and I was directed to Dakkadakka to find posters and notices.  I need a few more I think.  The last thing I did was to add all the foliage; just a bunch of aquarium plants to tie the town into the rest of my jungle scenery!

 Also- heres the reboot of my Empire army!  After years of languishing in a box, and occasionally being sold on ebay my once Glorious Army of Averland was a shadow of its former self. It got stripped down last summer, and new recruits were bought.  More are on their way thanks to a recent Landsknecht Kickstarter...though I'm not expecting that batch till June!  This is only the first four units;  One company of 12 Greatswords (Artizan Designs), one company of 11 Archers, and another of 12 Halberdiers (both Battlemasters), and 14 Freikompanie (wargames foundry),  A Captain in fullplate, and Waldo the wizard are the commanders of this small force. Its even been doing a little fighting, providing fighters for Frostgrave and units for Dragon Rampant, which appear to be the games of choice at the moment.

thanks for reading!

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