Thursday, 28 June 2018

Reinforcements have arrived...

So some stuff has gotten paint on it, so I thought I'd best put some pics up quick.  Not been getting a whole lotta gaming in recently but the previously mentioned Dinotanks saw some action in a big game of 40k, and the Laserburn boys got a kicking in Necromunda becoming outlaws, and having to give up a bunch of territories to make ends meet!  My strategy there could do with a rethink...

Recently I gave Warhammer another go- this time 6th edition with nowt more than the Ravening Hordes Supplement . We tried a lovely 3 way game with Empire V Skaven V Bretonnia, which turned out to surprisingly fun. I got shot to bits at first, stuck in the crossfire of the Skaven and Empire gunlines, but the Bretonnians were not dismayed (well, ok quite a lot of them ran away, but at least 2 werent dismayed!) and the last of my knights charged the length of the table scattering unit after unit or Ratscum and Imperial lacky, accounting for some 90 enemies! Two true Bretonnians! And with that we called it a draw...
But it seems there is desire for more- Ive been asked (or told ) to rewrite RH more to the groups taste...

Anyway, here we have the Inleigh Regiment.  At phalanx17 I picked up a dozen broken Heroquest Henchmen, and a few Imperial figures for about a fiver. At Phalanx18 I finally found some suitable weapons for them!  Would very much like a few more for this unit. The device is the Golden Rabbit of Inleigh, borrowed from the film "Watership Down"

 Some BTD\Harlequin Orcs now, another command group, and a stone thrower!  I like the stone thrower, and might get some more...
 Aha!  An Orc General on a Wyvern! 
The Wyvern is classic Citadel lead picked up cheaply on ebay, but with a BTD\Harlequin Hero on top, cos I didn't like the citadel one, and it didn't fit my armies style.  The one-legged stance is a bugger, there are a ridiculous number of bits of metal holding this thing up!

 A knight!  In order to play the aforementioned game of WHFB I had to paint another knight (cos it turned out I was bit short of knights!), and this is a proper oldhammer Bretonnian!  More Knights for my Bretonnians are waiting for their turn on the painting table, and some of them are properly oldhammer!
 GCPS Troopers!  These chaps were a Xmas gift from the inlaws, and I decided to go with a fairly standard green and yellow camo scheme, and a less conventional blue skintone...Genetic Infantry perhaps...

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Sumerians and Dinotanks

I've been fascinated for years with ancient, not those Johnny-Come-lately Romans and Greeks, really ancient history- The dawn of civilization, the first cities and city states, the first written records, the agricultural revolution, the oldest stories that we know of and inevitably, the first wars.  I am of course referring to the Sumerians!

And there just so happens to be some lovely figures available for the Sumerians, and after reading the Epic of Gilgamesh, how could I not want to put together the army of  the city state of Uruk, with Gilgamesh and Enkidu at its head...

 Gilgamesh and Enkidu lead the Men of Uruk into battle.  These two are from Eureka.  Most of the infantry is from Wargames foundry, though there is a couple of Newline Designs figures in there.
 These young ladies are from Foundry's Amazon range with a few modifications- they had sumerian style kilts greenstuffed on in my usual skilless way, and the a crozier was replaced with Snake, which I thought was a bit more appropriate.  The Eureka Humbaba is skulking at the back...
 The infantry consists of 12 Javelin men, 12 Slingers (converted from spare javelinmen) and 36 Spearmen.

For the Spearmen I um'ed and ah'ed for a while on how to paint their cloaks. There are two schools of thought about these- some say they are simply cloaks made from the skins of some sort of spotted animal, probably a big cat. Other reckon its more like a form of composite armour, with a fabric cloak covered in metal presumably copper or bronze studs or plates sown in. After scrutinizing the Standard of Ur (a part of which is shown below) I decided that the catskin cloak option was the most likely, though I am aware that someone found some copper studs from the period I think I'm correct in saying nobody has demonstrated they were part of any kind of armour.

When you look at the whole of the Standard of Ur you can see its creator has been pretty consistent with colour- copper or bronze weapons are all shown in a light colour, but the spots on the cloaks are, as much as I like the idea behind the copper studded cloak, I can't agree that it is the correct interpretation.

I've arranged the army units of 12 as I expect it'll see most use with the Dragon Rampant rules, which is fine as it suits the heroic nature of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, and I don't think anyone else around here has an army from the period!  All I really want to add is a unit of  Battle Carts, and some Gutian mercenaries, but, whether another city state attacks, some timber needs stealing from Humbaba, or if some jilted deity unleashes the Bull of Heaven to lay waste to Uruk, the Men of Uruk are ready for battle!

Ive made some other stuff recently too; Some very old school space-cacti made from cocktail sticks and polystyrene balls, and then painted bright colours. Very handy for Ghost Archipelago too...

 And My Ork army wanted some heavy support.  I couldn't find a tank I liked the look of , but I had a pair of Dinosaurs on the shelf waiting for howdahs, and I decided gun turrets would be much better!

 And they have even seen a bit of battle recently, with this three way game between my Orks, Ricks Nid's and Chris's Spikey Gits.  Naturally they both decided the Dinotanks had to be dealt with and I was attacked on both fronts!

The game looked great, and was great fun, and da boyz even claimed victory, a victory only slightly marred by Rick and Chris claiming victory too...

Thanks for Reading!

Friday, 9 March 2018

The Quest for Jhary-a-Conel

I do like the Eternal Champion books by Michael Moorcock, and I was slightly aware that Citadel once did a range of figures for them. The other week I was fortunate enough to happen across an ebay listing for a bunch of Eternal Champions and their associates - Elrik , Yrkoon, Moonglum, Erekose, Urlik, Hawkmoon and Corum.  I paid a little more than I usually would for 28mm metal, but not by much, and a lot less than most of the entries on ebay are priced at. But the one I really wanted seems to have been very much absent from ebay- Jhary a Conel. I've been trawling ebay for weeks for a sniff of this figure, and finally one has appeared- fingers crossed!

In the meantime I've been painting:

Corum and Hawkmoon were the first two off the painting table (though Hawkmoon is still waiting for his shield)

Corum Jhaelen Irsei, the Prince in the Scarlet Robe

Dorian Hawkmoon,  Duke of Koln,

Also, the Skullsmasha lejun has had some reinforcements, Boarboys from Blacktree

And finally, the Thugs are here! I managed to find 40odd of these on ebay for a fiver, and my Chaos army badly needed some archers/skirmishers. I've painted a company of 12, Chris and Rick were given 12 each as well, and the rest will probably go to the God-sprog for painting practice!

Friday, 16 February 2018

New Wood...

My Treeman! Ok, not the greatest model ever, but for my first go at sculpting I'm very happy with how it turned out.  Not quite a traditional treeman- I never liked the long legged look, Much prefer to think of them moving around on a writhing mass of tentacle-like roots, and permanently miffed about being woken from a nap...

I've been reading/watching macbeth/macdeath a bit recently and thinking I ought to make more....

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Old lead

Some more stuff has been rolling off the painting table this week:

First up, the Crew of the Cutting Snark have been reinforced- There must be representatives here from at least 5 of  Citadels various Barbarian/Tribesmen/Viking ranges. Combined they make a motley crew but thats how I like my Pirates!

Demogorgon.  Nuff. Said.

Copplestone Barbarian, she'll be joining my Chaos army.

A Knight for my Bretonnian army, pretty sure he's citadel, probably an early Bretonnian.

And another project Ive been working on this week- Sculpting! never tried to make a figure before but I'd always wanted a treeman, and never been happy with the ones made commercially, so decided to make my own,. He consists mostly of electrical cable, electrical tape, wirewool and milliput. Still some work to be done...

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Spring Clean...

I was going through my camera deleting stuff and came across a whole file of pics of stuff I'd painted and games played that I realised I hadnt posted, so in no particular order:

First up - last year I started renovating my old 40k tanks- I had a bunch of Scratchbuilt and converted tanks, but they weren't very good and I decided to scrap the worst of them and do some work on the rest, but first I took a picture to record my various tanks, flying chimeras, Shermans Russ's and Mortar Carriers and the like.  As they are rebuilt I'll post them here...

A Rogue Trader from Knightmare miniatures.  I rather like this chap.
 A bunch of scifi civies from the old Metal Magic range, currently made by Moonraker Miniatures.  Got the rest painted around here somewhere and they populate my 40k and Necromunda tables.
 Picked this beastie up from Northstar during one of those nickstarters.  No idea what to do with him but I liked him.
 Legolas on a horse from the old Citadel LOTR range
 Some 1/43 scale armoured cars for my Cadian Imperial Guard. These are the collectable diecast models you see on the front of magazines occasionally and can be found cheap on ebay- I upgunned them to fit in with my 40k stuff.

 One of the first of the rebuilds mentioned above- This Vanquisher was originally scratch built by me about 13 years ago, and has finally had all the gaps in its armour filled up , and more detail.  I'm very happy with the result, especially as it was my first go with humbrol weathering powders.
 This tank is a new one, a gift to myself when I was feeling very ill!  Its a lasercut card kit, of a scifi'd WW1 mk4 tank. It was fun to build and looks great. If my ww1 British ever stray onto the battlefields of the 41st millennium this will be providing vital support!

 Had a growing pile of duff computer mice in the shed, finally decided to do something about it- Grav-Cars!  2 civie models and 1 police car, with lasguns and a missile launcher for laying down the law...theres some cops around here too...

As Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago has proved rather popular around here I felt some scenery was in order- Found this toy pirate ship and shark for about £7 and set to work turning them into something a bit more suitable for the tabletop!

 Rather pleased with how they both turned out- the shark was cut in half and the base decorated with silicone sealant to give that churning water effect!
 The ship was heavily modified with a new mast and bowsprit, companion way, and new decks fore and aft.
 Just in time for my first game!

 It didnt go well, with a lot of my guys struggling in the water, though my Heritor did his best to defeat all comers and escape with the treasure!

 Heres a bunch of critters for F:GA

 Erik Erikson and the crew of the Cutting Snark-  a motley collection of old Citadel tribesmen, vikings and barbarians. Theres 6 more on the painting table as I type.

 We've been playing a necromunda campaign recently- the Laserburn Boys gained a holestead early on and are here defending it against an incursion of corrupt police officers - the fuzz came off the worse in this fight!

 Another F:GA game against David, with the crew of the Cutting Snark using small boats to good effect to make off with a pile of treasure!

 We had another Frostgrave gaming day in January but I only managed to get two pics, both of Daves game V Chris, trying to find their way through the magical portals to the treasure room!

 This lot where actually finished quite a while ago but I hadn't taken a picture at the time- this is all my Dark Elf infantry- Just gotta get the cold one knights finished I suppose!

Another set that were done ages ago, My Rogue Trader Guard, though theyve had reinforcements since this pic was taken! May have to get the whole lot out again...

I took part in the F:GA nickstarter last year and here are some of the freebies and the treasure tokens that came with it. Also included are a very old beastman, and er, some sort of squidheaded chap who I picked up free from a box of unwanted figures but which I rather liked.

And some more renovated tanks!  My Cruisers were showing their age, but I still felt they had potential, so I smoothed off the rough edges, rebuilt the front glacis, hull gun position and main gun mantlet, and the side plating. Since this was taken all my tanks have had various icons and numbers added.