Wednesday, 8 March 2017

An okay Kraal

I can't seem to spend any time just sat painting figures at the moment...I find myself getting distracted and wandering around.  However I have managed to divert some more energy into building terrain. This time, inspired by a new set of rules we've been trying-  The Men Who Would Be King, which I'm rather enjoying, I decided I needed a Zulu village.

So I picked up some polystyrene spheres, a roll of willow twigs and cloth from a cheap hardware store and set to it! I cut the bottom of the spheres and made a door from a scrap of cardboard and greenstuff on one side. The cloth was roughly cut to shape and glued over it.

The base for each part is just a bit of hardboard off the back of an old wardrobe. I removed a few sticks from the roll of willow twigs ( which I think is intended for edging a lawn or flowerbed, its just hundreds of sticks about 8" long held together with a bit of twisted wire.) and cut them down to 2-3" lengths and glued them into a rough fence. I did a smaller one for a separate Kraal. The bases were textured and the whole lot spray painted brown. Each component was then highlighted up with layers of drybrushing. And then flocked. 

Need to find a few civvies and cattle, but otherwise all done. Not the most accurate depiction of a Zulu village ever but I'm happy with it. Total time to build; about 5 hours. Total cost- well under £5!

Thanks for reading!

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