Sunday, 12 February 2017


Just a little update to show some progress on my WIP buildings for a scifi battlefield, which are what I've mostly been working on this week

I've been collecting junk for ages : this lot is mostly made of the tops of spray cans, margarine tubs, spare bits of plumbing , desert pots, and baked bean cans. A sheet or so of corrugated card and an old sieve provided some texture, and drinking straws were applied liberally. 

 Theres a few details I want to add, mostly just a few more windows etc, but otherwise they're ready for painting.  This will give my frontier colony 3 small houses, a small sheriffs office, a pub and a couple of light industrial units.

 I've also made a few piles of detritus , bits of sprue, pebbles and polystyrene mashed together with a lot of glue, to give the impression that somebody has been trying to clear ground for farming or building.  When finished they'll look a bit overgrown.

Obviously the colonists didn't get this lot built with just muscle power, so some sort of tractor was in order.  The result in the photo above was bodged together from spares, and resulted in a rugged little vehicle with dozer blade and an arm that could in theory carry a variety of tools, though I just gave it a grabbing claw, a flat bed to carry stuff and a towing hook. The perfect general purpose vehicle for helping establish a colony. Ideal for clearing ground and unloading spaceships...

Oh, and some more figures for my empire army made it onto the painting table- 5 of the old battlemasters archers. I rather like those figures, its not immediately apparent in that pic, but I upgraded them with spare arrows from the Perry WOTR archer/billmen kit, which seems to work. Theres another 15 to go, and then 25 Halberdiers too.

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