Tuesday, 2 June 2015

'Ere be Dragons!

Well A dragon anyway.

Picked him up at the local Wilko's for about £1.50 .  With the flash removed (mostly) and a bit of paint he scrubs up well.

I've also finished off the 5 plastic troopers from Em4. They scrub up pretty well too, and though the detail is a little soft in places I think they're not bad for 51p each! I've performed some weapon swaps to 40k them up a bit. I have no idea what to use them for at the moment- they strike me as more like a security team or police unit (SWAT or something like that ) rather than any sort of army unit, due to the pistol to rifle ratio. I believe that a separate set of rifles is available, but this seems to be automatic rifles rather than Laser rifles (which to me look more like Phaser Rifles anyway!) 

This weeks game was, as predicted, Ghurkas V Bersaglieri, 2000points, Free for all.
 Both armies were Infantry heavy with minimal armour, though The Ghurkas brought many of the friends in the Royal Artillery, whilst the Italians came with their usual horde of smaller guns. These they abandoned to dash across the battlefield towards the nearest objective whilst the big guns covered them. The Armour skirmished on the flanks, the Semovente 75s coming off worse  on their flank, though the m14's managed to destroy the three shermans facing them, before moving to support the infantry. A chunk was taken out of the Ghurkas line as  platoon fled and the Bersaglieri pressed forward and pushed back the nearest supporting units, though not by enough to hold the objective. The Ghurkas never really pushed forward, untill far to late in the day and lost three platoons to my one, but alas Mark was running late so weren't able to fight to a finish, with a draw declared.   Didn't get many good pics but heres a couple....

Ak47 Republic next time I believe. nice one.