Sunday, 15 November 2015

Push and go Panzer IV platoon

A few years ago I found a push and go panzer IV in a gift shop on a caravan park.  It came in a box with a bunch of Abrams...  The Panzer IV at least looked like it might be close to 1/56 scale. So, as it was only £3.50 I bought one. And it was.  

Earlier this year, at a different caravan park, I was able to pick up two more.

I removed the motors, and wheels. and the strange lugs under the turret- as bought the turret didnt turn, it merely wiggled from side to side as it moved. The top deck was rebuilt, with a central hole, and a new lug on the turret for a proper pivot.

They are not the most detailed models ever, the detail being a little soft, but its good enough that its clearly and unmistakably a panzer IV.

The camo scheme is taken from an image of a tank right at the end of the war. Im guessing here but I suspect that by this point the paint available to the jerries was little more than coloured water, as it looked very thin and hastily washed on. I quite liked the effect and watered down my paint to try and mimic it.

All in all , not bad for a little over a tenner for 3 tanks!

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