Friday, 20 November 2015

Daleks and Daemons


Last night I went down to the local club to play Chris at a spot of 40k. On a whim I decided to take a slightly different force to usual- I recalled my Daleks hadn't been out for a while, and so, digging out the necron army list, I put together a little 1100 point force-
A Dalek Supreme, 4 teams of 5 Daleks, and 4 drones (scarabs).
Chris decided to throw a slight curve ball with an Daemon world force- A Daemon Prince special Character (430 points of monster that I didn't have a weapon strong enough to hurt!) and a collection of beastmen, minotaurs, and frenzied chaos warriors.

With one side screaming EXTERMINATE! and the other bellowing BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! in an attempt to cause severe hearing loss on all sides we were expecting absolute carnage!  And, boy, were we to be disappointed...

When this veritable horde bounced off the startline and screamed towards my daleks I was a little worried- With no vehicles and shooting on his side he had no reason to hang back, and my Drones were useless. My opening volleys did precisely nothing. This didn't look good.

In a bid to slow the advance the Drones went forward to stop march moves, the daleks backing off to get some space. The Daemon Prince charged the nearest Daleks, and the rest of the army charged the Drones, eager to clear these annoyances away.

It was then that we discovered something weird. The Drones (or scarabs) are T8. With nothing higher than S4 he couldn't touch them. Almost the entire chaos army was tied up in combats they simply couldn't win...A few minotaurs dashed forward to break the Dalek line, but they went down quickly to cries of EXTERMINATE! The Daemon Prince found its own opponents were less than obliging. Refusing to engage him in honourable combat it was forced to fight them one at a time- though the outcome was inevitable it took one of the most powerful creatures in the 41st Millenium the whole game to knock down 5 Daleks, and even then he only killed two of them!

The Dalek Supreme led the rest of the Daleks towards the enemy deployment zone ( I had the dawn raid mission ), taking pot shots as they went, though most of their efforts bounced off the invulnerable Drones! Eventually, Chris tried some desperate tactics to rectify the situation- he decided to disengage from the the three drones he had rashly charged- he managed to do this without loss, but all three units were fleeing, The drones charged the routing units and they headed for the hills, but managed to rally to a man on the table edge! The drones charged again, and this time the Khornate loonies stood, having found that being in melee with shots bouncing off the drones was fare safer than letting the Daleks use them for target practice.

Thus the game ended, with minimal casualties, some very bored looking Daleks and ridiculous combats in which the two sides were so hopelessly mismatched there was no chance of either side actually winning!  In light of this The Dalek Emperor and Khorne have both decreed their respective taglines must change to WOULD-YOU-LIKE-A-CUDDLE? and HUGS-FOR-THE-HUGS-GOD! Bloody pathetic 'aint it?

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