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A Nation Sundered Part the Fourth; The secret of the shattered City

          Lord Edwin Dufflecoat pondered the wreckage before him. Clearly it had once been a house, possibly quite a grand one to judge from the stonework, but now it was a ruin , and like all the buildings in Minimostock it looked for all the world like it had been dropped from a great height . 
    "How in Sigmars name could a major port end up this far in to the desert, and in such a state as this?" he asked to nobody in particular, barely able to comprehend the scale of the destruction. 
   Still, pickings had been rich- even now his troops were going through the ruins searching for any thing of value , and behind him stood a row of carts laden with wealth of a city...or this part of it at least.
      Standing beside his horse stood his Court Wizard, Grand Alf, who surveyed the fallen city with the expertise of one practiced in the arcane arts. He held up a speculum and  peered through it.
          " I can't say what caused this, except that it was very powerful magic" he said, "And it came from that direction..." he gestured towards what had probably been the centre of the city. " There was a large open market place there wasn't there? If my calculations are correct that's where we'll find the cause for this"
"We should press on then, wouldn't want such power falling into the wrong hands..." replied Lord Edwin, trailing off as a horseman, one of the young Pistoliers who were deployed as pickets for the Expeditionary Force rode up and saluted.
"Sir..." he began but his report was cut short by the sound of distant cannonfire. 
"The Dwarves?" Said Lord Edwin , "Seems they have got there first...but who are they shooting at?"
"The Northmen...the tainted ones we think, sir" Replied the pistoler, "we followed their trail up that street. " 
Lord Edwin involuntarily shuddered at the thought of facing those abominations again , but it would never do to let them gain access to such sorcery! With a shout and a wave of his hand he ordered his troops to continue their advance through the rubble.

So all the players have now found and fought for possession of the secret city of Minimostock, but there can only be one! The two highest scoring players from Round 2 will now fight a battle to determine the overall winner.

This is how the scoreboard looks now:

Aidan (Empire)  with 8 points.
Territorys: 3 villages, silver mine, 2 forests (2+3), a town, a wizards tower, a lost valley (with trade route and temple) and the Alchemical Factory.

Rob (Dark Elves)  with 2 points.
Territorys: Lost Valley (road(100) and Village) Village, 2xTrade Route, 2x Forest (2) , silvermine

Dafydd (Undead) with 12 points.
Territorys: Road(40), Pass(70), Village, Ruins, 3 towns, sacred grove, trade route.

Chris (chaos)  with 22 points.
Territorys: Village, Pass(120), Sacred Grove, 2x Lost valley (village and town in both!) Gold Mine, Forest (3).

Dave (Dark Elves) with 12 points.
Territorys; Pass(120) Pass(130), road (50), sacred Grove, 2  Trade Routes, , Village, Forest (3)

Phil (Orcs)  with 11 points.
Territorys: Village, bridge(70), Silvermine, 2x goldmines, forest(2) and forest(3), Spy

Rick (undead) with 9 points
Territorys; Town, Trade Route, Lost Valley(treasure horde/trade route) Forest(2) wizards tower.

Alan (Dwarves) with 18 points
2 Villages, 2 ruins, wizards tower, town, Trade Route, Bridge (50), forest(3)

James (Bretonnia) with 6 points
Territorys; Lost Valley (2 villages) Treasure Horde, Forest (3), 2x Trade Routes, Forest (3).

And so it is that Alan and Chris have discovered the Secret of Minimostock and must now fight to take control of it!

They will play the following Meeting Engagement scenario:
Set up as per Meeting Engagement.  No Territory's are staked!
The only scenery to be used is ruins which may be placed all around the edge of the table but no further than 12" in from the edge . The middle of the board should be empty (this is the Minimostocks main market plaza) In the centre of the market place should be At a Distance Doorway Device (this could be a tellyporta, or a stone circle or any other suitable model)
Victory points are awarded as normal and whoever has a model closest to the At a Distance Doorway Device at the end of the game gets 5 points extra.

The Winner takes the At a Distance Doorway Device Territory.  This Territory allows its owner to open portals that he can move troops through, allowing him to pick his targets with impunity and launch surprise attacks with ease. There appears to be element of the Device missing- a small circular slot at its centre is empty, but the ancient and mysterious runes on the Device seem to suggest that should an appropriate Thing be inserted here the Device would become powerful enough to teleport much more than a few troops...possibly an entire city!

 This Territory has the Following Rules. The Owner may pick which territory his opponent stakes. However any player with the Device must stake it in every game where they own it.
The Device allows the owner to deploy any one unit at the start of the game as though it had the same special deployment rule as Wood Elf or Dark Elf scouts.
The Owner may also keep units in reserve (i.e he may choose not to deploy them) at the start of the game and then try and deploy them using the device. One unit per turn may be deployed in this way: At the start of the movement phase (i.e before charges are declared) the owner may pick a unit held in reserve and try and teleport it onto the battlefield. He picks the spot on the table where he wants it to appear and places the units leader there. He then rolls the Scatter and Misfire Dice together. If a hit is rolled the unit arrives where specified and is deployed in contact with their leader. If a number and arrow are rolled together the leader is moved in the specified direction that number of inches...the unit appears around their leader in this new location. If a misfire is rolled the unit is lost and the enemy gets the victory points for it!

Round 3- One Thing to Rule Them All; The Thing of Power.

As soon as rumour of the Nature of the At a Distance Doorway Device spread the Search for the Thing began. Clearly whatever this Thing is, it is small, circular, and extremely powerful. Whoever could gain control of the Thing and the Device would be almost unstoppable...but perhaps the Thing is still powerful in its own right. Obviously  you can't let that fall into the wrong hands, and must find it first!  Whoever wins the most Territories in Round 3 will find the Thing...

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