Sunday, 9 July 2017

Mouse class Gun-drone

After Thurday nights game I decided that my victorious Space Rangers needed a little something-  Troop and Heavy Support options are easy enough to put together but there was nothing obvious that I could think of to fill a fast attack slot.  So I went into my bog box of bits (aka the Shed) and had a rummage and found a cheap and nasty computer mouse. I'd intended to make a hover car with it, but never got round to it, and it occurred to me it might make a good Landspeeder!

 I added bunch of other scraps from the bits box, and some bits of plasticard- the turret if from a Matchbox toy tank.
 Then all it needed was paint!
 The Mouse class Gun-drone ready for action! Despite the edict against any form of AI, the robust and versatile Mouse class and its variants can still be found in service with numerous mercenary and PDF units across the galaxy, and other organisations that simply didn't get the memo, and don't mind risking the wrath of the Adepts of Mars.

Part 2:

Of course having built one I found I just couldnt stop! Luckily I had the parts for two more lying around....

 So now I have three of these little gunships! Theyre not quite identical , but I'm very pleased with the results.
 Oh, and here is the whole of the Space Rangers force-  Captain Coruscant's Cataphracts:

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