Sunday, 2 August 2015

Raising the Dead

I've been meaning to get an Undead force for a while. Could never find a Necromancer that I liked though. And it had to be a Necromancer, of course. Because of Nicol Williamson.

And then I heard about Frostgave. Went to Northstar to have a look. And there found I my Necromancer!
So I ordered a box of the Wargames Factory Skellies (had my eye on those for a while!) and to the painting table we went!

Sirius Dictian, and his apprentice Gunther Tripe, commanding his Undead horde.
Some of the Arcane Armorial inspired shields I've been trying
Behind the Archers, Sirius Dictians pet Snail, Snaegl. A pet more loyal to his master you never saw... 
Had another go at some freehand banners. What is life without Whimsy?

Snaegl, by the way, I found at a Carboot sale for 20p and simply couldn't say no. I'd like a whole unit of them but I've never seen anymore like him.

The skellies were painted thusly- Humbrol Dark Brown spray as the undercoat, Bleached bone drybrush, Revell Watercolour MudBrown (heavily watered to make a wash) washed over and then a Bleached Bone Drybrush. Seemed to work quite well I felt.
The Wargames Factory Skellies are excellent models, this is the new improved version with sturdier limbs etc, which is probably why I had no breakages.  Theres a bunch of raising dead (4 in the pics above and more on the sprue) that I will use for a diorama I think.  You might notice some unusual weapons amongst them .  I quickly noted that they are compatible with almost any of the Historical plastic kits around at the moment. So I raided my bits box and equipped some as Zulus, others as Romans, and some as 18th century British infantry! I think theres even a 15th century knight in there too...

I am especially happy with my shields and my banners. What do you reckon?

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