Saturday, 18 April 2015

Taking the Scenic Route...

Recently I've been making a bit of scenery.
At the toyfair mentioned in my previous post  picked up a few plastic plant bits. I supplemented them with some bits of aquarium plants and made these:

I'm rather pleased with them and they were simple to make; plasticard base, bed the plants down in milliput, add filler, paint and flock the base. oh and add a couple or small stones from the garden. But 4 little bases an Alien Jungle world do not make.

Then I found some cheaper Aquarium plants on ebay so I ordered a pack getting 10 for £4.  So I made these...Still WIP but they should do nicely:

Also I found some GW 40K ruins in the loft. So I built this out of it.
 Used all sorts of bits of plastic and pebbles etc to make areas of fallen rubble and then sprayed the whole lot gray , and then add white spray from directly above. Some barrels and barriers came in a toy pack of tanks and armoured cars Id bought for 15mm scale gaming- they too big to go with the vehicles but look fine with 28mm! They were rusted up and scattered around the street between the buildings.

Then plenty of flock was added to make it look overgrown. So thats a scifi battle field sorted then.

Commander Peribon Krate and the Trevuntular Grenadiers were back in action this week, again in the 41st millenium and this time taking on the forces of Khorne; 16 Berserkers lined up behind their lord and a champion in order to absorb the Grenadiers fire whilst they rushed headlong into melee. This they duly did, most of the Berserkers being cut down as they advanced, but in melee the remainder sent No.1 Squad packing, and Peribon Krate himself came a poor second to a Khornate Lord in single combat. Fortunately the heavy weapon specialists of No's.2 and 3 Squads were on hand to save the day and brought the Lord and the Champion down simultaneously, taking Krate one step further along on the quest laid upon him...There will be a short period of rest and recuperation for Krate while the company medic, Doctor Enfastable, regrows his limbs in a vat...

Thank you for reading.

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